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More solar, less weight.  Introducing the new Goal Zero Ranger series.

Kicking off with the Ranger 300 Briefcase, our new lightweight rigid solar panels let you harness more power from the sun while maintaining enough portability to easily transport the panels from place to place. The Ranger 300 Briefcase pairs perfectly with our Yeti 1000X, 1500X, 3000X, and 6000X power stations for a complete high-use solar power solution.

Ranger 300 Briefcase Highlights

Convenient, Foldable Design
Four 75 watt panels, totaling 300 watts, chained together and connected at the hinge. Easily pack and transport the Ranger 300 from place to place, then store it when not in use.

Add Solar Power, Not Pounds
Designed with a thinner aluminum frame and ETFE polymer instead of glass, the Ranger 300 adds 100 watts of solar charging power vs. the Boulder 200 while shedding 3 lbs.

Easy to Use
Featuring an innovative, patent-pending design, the Ranger 300 legs automatically fold out as you open the panel, allowing you to easily position the panel in place while solar charging.

Maintain Portability
Built-in handles and magnetized corners make it easier to fold up your Ranger 300 panel, then easily pack it back into your car, truck, RV, or van and go.

Recommended Yeti Pairings

Yeti 500X:   Charges in 3-4 Hours*
Yeti 1000X: Charges in 4-8 Hours
Yeti 1500X: Charges in 6-12 Hours
Yeti 3000X: Charges in 12-24 Hours
Yeti 6000X: Charges in 24-48 hours

* (NOTE: Connecting a Yeti 500X to the Ranger 300 requires an optional High Power Port (HPP) to 8mm Connector adapter cable)

Solar charge times vary and are dependent on many factors such as elevation, temperature, time of year, angle and position to the sun.


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