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6006m-Series (Mini) Battery Switch Single Circuit ON/OFF. Switches a single battery ON/OFF to a single load group. Ultra compact design features 3/8 inch copper studs for maximum conductivity.

6006 m-Series (Mini) Battery Switch Single Circuit ON/OFF Switches a single battery to a single load group. Multiple switches can be used to manage several isolated circuits including cross connecting for emergency parallel Ignition protected - Safe for installation aboard gasoline powered vehicles and boats. Case design allows surface front panel or rear panel mounting. Isolating cover with snap-on sections protects rear contacts 3/8"-16 tin-plated copper studs for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance accepts 3/8" and M10 ring terminals. 7/8" (22.22mm) stud length to accept multiple cable terminals. Ideal for marine, RV and emergency vehicle applications. Manufactured with non-corrosive marine grade metals. Molded in durable reinforced polycarbonate. Tactile textures indicate knob position by feel only. Label with international ON/OFF.


  • Ultra Compact Design
  • Selectable Battery ON/OFF
  • Safe to use on gas powered vehicles, boats or PWC's
  • Can be mounted in engine compartments and marine environments


  • Amp Rating: 300 Continuous Rating (500A intermittent/5 min)
  • Amp Cranking Rating: 1500A (up to 10 seconds), 775A (up to 1 min)
  • Switch Type: 2 Position (Single circuit ON-OFF)
  • Voltage: 12~48 VDC
  • Battery Inputs: 1
  • Terminal Stud Size: 3/8" - 16 (M10)

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