Blue Sea 7517 P12 Battery Charger OLED Display, 1-3 battery banks


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The EV Battery Charger Display provides intuitive battery monitoring. BS7517 remote meter will display/monitor Volts or Volts + Amps and may be used with Blue Sea and most other battery chargers. This is a drop in replacement for most rectangular meter displays.

The EV Battery Charger Display provides two options to monitor your battery banks. It can display a graphical representation of voltage for 1 to 3 battery banks with or without connection to a Blue Sea P12 Battery Charger. When connected to a P12 Battery Charger it can display the charger’s Summary screen, displaying voltage, current charging stage, and faults from the charger.

  • Bright, daylight readable, OLED display
  • Drop in replacement for traditional rectangular displays
  • Automatically detects 1-3 battery banks
  • AC charge indication verifies that power is connected and the battery charger is charging
  • Plain language fault indication relays if there is a fault with the P12 battery charger
  • Dip switch selectable screen configuration allows the display to show voltage bar graphs or the P12 Battery Charger summary screen
  • Displays voltage bar graphs even when AC power is not present
  • Optional standby mode shuts off screen after 4 hours of inactivity
  • Automatic ON based on motion with integrated knock sensor
  • Usable Voltage Range: 6-36 VDC
  • Maximum Current Draw: 50mA
  • Minimum Current Draw: 1mA in Standby (sleep) Mode
  • IP66 Rated

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