Globalstar GAC-1700 Satellite Phone Auxiliary Battery Charger

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The GAC-1700 Auxiliary Battery Charger is designed to work with the Globalstar GSP-1700 satellite phone’s standard lithium-ion rechargeable battery (GPB-1700).  

This charger allows you to charge your Globalstar satellite phone battery outside of the phone AND provide power to directly to the satellite phone at the same time (with the use of the GVC-1700 vehicle charger - sold separately) or with the GWC-1700 wall charger (included with the GSP-1700 satellite phone).

  • DC Input connector allows for use with the Wall Charger (included with each phone)
  • Bi-color LED indicates the charging status of the battery cradle
  • Cable sequentially charges the battery in the phone, then the battery in the cradle
  • ROHS and WEEE compliant
  • Use only Globalstar-approved accessories with Globalstar phones.  Use of any other accessories will invalidate the phone warranty and may be dangerous.  All specifications subject to change without notice.


  • 0° to +50° C


  • 4.2 to 4.9 VDC


  • 1500 mA


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