ProMariner 02012 TruePower Combi 2000 PS Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger


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The ProMariner TruePower PS Pure Sine Wave Combination Inverter/Charger, provides all the benefits and features of the QS series but yields a Pure Sine Wave AC output which is equal to the quality of AC power enjoyed at home.

Pure Sine Wave Technology is perfect for mobile or on the water audio/visual systems with plasma or LCD flat screen technology in addition to large appliances with hysteresis motor control as used in household appliances like washing machines.

  • 2.8x Surge Rating with 1.0 Power Factor
  • 7 Selectable 3-Stage Battery Charge Profiles
  • Easy-to-install, space saving design.
  • Charger Mode: Integrated, Automatic True 3-Stage Marine Grade Battery Charger
  • Inverter Mode: Efficient, Quiet Conversion from DC Power to AC Power
  • Built-in Safety: Overload, Over Temperature, High and Low Battery Voltage Protection and Ignition Protection

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