Seahorse SE56 Green - Micro Case (8.4 x 4.4 x 2.3” Inside Dimension)


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  • Waterproof, meets or exceeds IP67
  • Built for continuous submersion up to 3 Meters
  • Made of high impact resistant polycarbonate
  • Carabiner loop
  • 2″ strap attachment
  • Rust proof hinges
  • Keyed plastic safety locking latch
  • Shock absorbent padded liner
  • Removable mesh lid web provides extra storage
  • Automatic pressure equalization system
  • Buoyancy: 3 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 10 lb
  • Lifetime Guarantee*: SEAHORSE CASES are guaranteed against defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the case.  Cases that have been modified are not covered by this guarantee.

Seahorse Micro 56 cases offer big protection with it’s high impact shell. These cases are versatile enough for numerous applications and needs.  Ideal for handheld radios, PLB's, wallets, satellite or cellular phones, emergency preparedness items, and other everyday carry items.  Comes standard with combination safety latch and non corrosive plastic lock to ensure your valuables are secure.  Great for keeping your things dry or to store your personal effects.

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