OGG TCF1 16 Channel Dual Band 5 Watt Analog VHF/UHF Handheld Radio


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5 Watts

16 Memory Channels

Audio Scrambler Circuit

136-174MHz VHF / 400-470* MHz UHF

Rugged 5 watt radio perfect for those applications where sophisticated radio characteristics aren't required and ease of use is the primary requirement.

* If the customer requests it, we will include the MARS/CAP modification for this radio at no extra charge before shipping, allowing it to be used on the Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) or Civil Air Patrol (CAP) frequencies, which are located outside of the normal U.S. amateur radio bands. This modification unlock does not include any MARS/CAP programming of the radio. 
Optional custom programming services are available starting at $20 per handheld radio (using one of our standard frequency templates) - custom additional channels added to any standard programming template programmed for only $1.00 per additional channel.

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