Xiegu G90 20 Watt SDR Mobile HF Transceiver (10-160m) with Auto Antenna Tuner


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No license is required to purchase this HF radio, or to monitor (listen) to any Amateur (Ham) Radio HF frequencies, but a FCC Amateur Radio General Class License is required to Transmit (Talk) on HF Amateur Radio Frequencies in the USA.  Please visit http://wireless.fcc.gov/services/amateur/licensing to learn more or call/email us directly with any questions that you might have, including questions about our HamTestOnline internet based training classes.


Beautiful 1.8" Color LCD Screen - All vital operating information is clearly visible in daylight conditions.  The 48kHZ wide waterfall spectrum display gives the operator excellent awareness of the HF conditions and other signals around you.

Easy to Use - With an intelligently designed interface, the most commonly used functions are on hardware buttons.  From there, you can use the Quick Menu function to access often-used functions.

Firmware Updates - As a software defined radio (SDR), Xiegu provides firmware updates through downloadable software to further enhance the functions of the radio at no cost, allowing the owner to easily update the radio firmware yourself.

Wide-Range Automatic Antenna Tuner - Unlike other HF QRP radios, the G90 has a wide-range internal automatic antenna tuner so you can load up and use your favorite HF field or mobile antenna, even if your HF antenna is for a different HF band!  No need to have multiple HF antennas or carry a external antenna tuner with you when operating on multiple HF bands with the G90!

Detachable Display Unit - Even though the G90 radio is already compact, the G90 display and the G90 radio body can be separated for even greater flexibility during mobile or outdoor use.

Power Level - Nearly all other brands of small, portable HF radios have 5 to 8 watts of power output, but the Xiegu G90 has a 20 watt output power level, making your HF contacts much easier with the additional power the G90 radio provides.

Warranty Info - Xiegu provides a 1 year limited factory warranty on the Xiegu G90 directly from the factory.  If you modify the radio's hardware, the warranty is void.  Radio modifications to the radio's firmware (through a software update) does not void the factory warranty.

Combine the Xiegu G90 with a GoalZero Yeti 200X and a GoalZero Nomad 20W Solar Panel and enjoy virtually unlimited radio use while camping or during any ham radio field day or emergency preparedness events!

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