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The fluid Mosquito combines ultra-portability with an excellent power profile. With only 29 lbs, this lightweight and foldable electric scooter is right for everyone who needs a compact and portable scooter but does not want to compromise on performance. The 500W motor with 700W peak output can tackle hills and accelerate quickly to 25+mph for a fun ride. Although designed for shorter rides, the 48V 9.6Ah battery delivers an impressive realistic range of over 20 miles (165lb rider, constant 15 mph speed), and recharges in around 5 hours. 

It comes with two solid tires so you don't ever have to worry about flats. Its dual spring based suspension makes for a smooth ride even when your road conditions get a little rough. 

Bright front and rear LED lights, the lateral reflectors, and the loud electric horn allow for safe riding in traffic and during the night. The triple braking system features an electric "throttle" brake which recharges your battery on the go, a lever pulled rear drum brake, and rear step on brake for overall excellent stopping power.

Your cockpit is complemented by a smooth thumb throttle and a color display showing speed, mileage and battery charge. It allows for selection of 5 "gears" with different speed limits so you can, for instance, set it 16 mph top speed to comply with local laws or maximize your range. Cruise control and zero start can be set up if desired.  

If you are looking for an ultra-portable and versatile scooter that is fast enough to take over bicycles and rental scooters, the Mosquito is the right choice for you.  Perfect for college students, light enough to take with you indoors.  Includes a durable handle.



    Fast folding to a small footprint and weighing only 29 lbs, the Mosquito is perfect for taking on buses and trains, keeping it at your place of work, putting it in your trunk, or even carrying it up a few flights of stairs.



    Use the electric brake "throttle" for smooth braking on the front motor, it will recharge your battery on the go. Combine with the rear drum brake for better brake performance, or leisurely cruise along using the rear fender brake with your foot.



    The dual suspension system (rear under the deck and front at bottom of steering column) make for a smooth riding experience, provide for excellent road grip and superior handling.



    The 500W motor with 700W peak output accelerates swiftly to over 25mph and makes this scooter a ton of fun to ride. The Lithium-ion 48V 9.6Ah battery delivers impressive range of over 20 miles and recharges in just 5 hours.



    The loud integrated electric horn clears the road ahead of you. The bright handlebar height LEDs are sufficient to light up the road ahead of you. The rear LED and the lateral reflectors ensure you will be seen at night.



    With the solid tires you will never have a flat. The mechanical and electrical components are designed for this model and work in perfect harmony. They are modular and can be easily maintained at home in case something goes wrong. The IP x5 waterproof rating allows for riding in the rain.

    The Mosquito is the highest performance ultra-portable scooter on the market. It is fast, lightweight and comes with dual suspension for a smooth ride.

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