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The next generation of power is here! Introducing the all new Yeti PRO 4000 portable power station with dramatically more power and faster charging than previous generation models. Plus, its updated LiFePO4 battery tech means it can last for over 10 years—even with daily use. Use it for emergency home backup, take it on the road, or pair it with solar for renewable clean energy.


Best In Class Power Output
The Yeti PRO 4000 handles heavy-duty appliances with ease and powers more for longer thanks to its next-generation efficient inverter technology. It comes standard with 3,600 watts power out and 7,200 watts surge, and has 80% more power than our previous generation products.

Class-Leading Lifespan
Upgraded LiFePO4 battery technology gives this power station an incredible 4000+ cycle lifespan with over 10 years of daily use. This reliable power station is guaranteed with a 5 year warranty so you can count on it when you need it most.

Superior Fast Charging
The Yeti PRO 4000 offers over 3 times the charging speed of previous generation products. It has 1800 W AC power in to charge from 0% to 80% in 2 hours and 3,000 W solar input to charge from 0% to 80% in under 90 minutes while you're off grid.


The Yeti PRO 4000 is the largest power station rated for portable outdoor use and was designed with safety and durability in mind. It meets the standards for UL2743 certifications and has an FCC Class B safety certification. It also has a battery management system with over 100 safety checkpoints per second.

    The Yeti PRO 4000 is designed for simple vehicle integration and home circuit integration so you can take it on the road in your RV or van, or backup as many as 10 circuits in your home. Get even more power by adding up to 4 Tank PRO 4000 expansion batteries for up to 20 kWh of power. You can also get indefinite renewable energy by pairing solar panels with your power station to create a solar generator.


    Recharge from the sun by connecting a compatible solar panel. Charge time depend on the size of your solar panel.
    Your Yeti PRO 4000 can charge 0-100% in under 3 hours when plugged into the wall with the included power cable.
    You can charge your Yeti PRO 4000 from your car by plugging it into your 12 V adapter using the 12 V Aux to 8 mm Car Charging Cable. This will recharge your Yeti PRO from 0-100% in about 37 hours.

Home Backup Power

Our customizable backup power solutions can cover up to 10 essential circuits when you connect your power station to the Haven 10 Manual Transfer Switch. Get reliable power during outages and emergencies. Power lights, fridges, medical devices, Wi-Fi routers, and more!

Yeti Mobile APP

Our app has been re-imagined and re-designed to work seamlessly with our new Yeti PRO 4000 devices. Monitor, control, and track your power usage from virtually anywhere. Check battery level, power flow in and out, and turn ports on or off. Compare energy use to historical data. Choose from different charge profiles to prioritize Performance, Battery Saver, or Balance modes.

Freight Information and Costs

Due to size and weight of this Yeti PRO 4000 (and/or any additional battery tanks or solar panels on your order), it will arrive via Federal Express Truck Freight to your location. 

Every effort will be made to keep your incoming freight costs as low as possible, but exact freight charges are not included in your quotation, as they will vary depending on shipping location selected (including the availability of a freight dock at a business or government location vs. home delivery).  Freight charges shown within this quote are an estimation only.

If you need an exact quote on your incoming truck freight cost for your order, please contact your Off Grid Gear 2 Go sales team at 866.448.4327 nationwide or if you are located in Arizona please contact us at 480.797.9822.

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