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With the brand-new Wolf King GT, Kaabo built yet another high-performance scooter designed for anybody who wants to ride the famed Wolf, with even more power and speed, delivering the ultimate on and off-road experience. With dual 2000W motors and two 50A sine wave controllers, the King GT delivers raw power and exhilarating high speeds combining the advantages of the Wolf GT with even more power. Its motorcycle grade inverted hydraulic front shock absorbers and rear spring enable a smooth ride on any terrain.

Full hydraulic brakes in combination with the optionally enabled ABS system provide for safe and accurate braking power to tame this beast. In every aspect the Wolf King puts safety first: See and be seen with powerful dual front LEDs lighting up the night, front and rear turn signals enabling a ride in traffic and stylish under-deck LED lights which will ensure optimal visibility from any direction.

On paved road, this 62mph electric scooter delivers insane acceleration and top speed (road tires recommended for high-speed road use). The huge 72V 35Ah LG or Samsung battery can last for up to 90 miles under optimal conditions but also delivers extra long range for those thrilling high-speed rides.

The Wolf King GT features a brand-new cockpit with a comfortable thumb throttle and a centered 4.2" TFT-display, letting you check your speed, mileage, driving mode, etc. at a glance, even on bright and sunny days.

With 120 lbs this high-speed electric scooter is certainly not made for portability. It nevertheless folds down for easy transport in your trunk to travel to your favorite off road spots.

Charge in 13-15 hours with the 2 included chargers or in 5 hours with an optional 6.5A fast charger and one of the included chargers.

Available in two variants:
- with self-repairing road tires installed
- with self-repairing off road tires installed


    The dual 2000-watt brushless motors with 50A sine wave controllers produce 7200W peak output and provide a top speed of 62 mph. If you are up for the challenge to tame this beast you can climb the the steepest inclines and master the toughest off road.


    The all new 4.2" center display is bright and puts all stats right where you need them. The highly responsive thumb throttle and other handle bar controls like indicators, honk and gears put you in full control of this advanced performance scooter.


    In real world conditions (165lb rider, aggressive riding) you will get about 60 miles of range. If you need more, switch to a lower gear and get up to 90 miles with defensive riding.


    The motorcycle style dual hydraulic shocks in front and the dual rear spring suspension are relatively stiff, giving excellent stability on asphalt and when it gets rough.


    Full hydraulic brakes make for safe and accurate braking power with minimal strength applied to the levers. Configurable regenerative braking recuperates energy and recharges your battery whenever you brake.


    Powerful dual front LEDs light up the night, front and rear turn lights let you participate in traffic and side and rear LEDs ensure optimal visibility from any direction.

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