OGG2Go A99 Base CB Antenna (17 Ft. Tall)

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This 1/2 wave CB base station antenna handles up to 2000 Watts of power and is easy to assemble.

  • SWR tuning
  • DC grounded
  • 1/2 Wave antenna, handles 2000 Watts
  • 17' Antenna in three easy to assemble sections

This 17-feet long omnidirectional antenna comes in three easy-to-assemble sections. Insulated up to 14,500 Volts and can handle 2,000 Watts of power.  The half-wave antenna with 3.2dBI gain plus SWR tuning and broad bandwidth allows coverage far above and below the traditional CB channels.  Its heavy-duty mounting plate withstands greater wind loads.  Can also be used for export/commercial frequencies and 10 Meter ham radios.

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