RTS RRS-G1 Programming Software and USB-51 cable for the G1 GMRS radio from Rugged Radios


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Program memories and other settings of the G1 GMRS radio from Rugged Radios.


  • RRS-G1 Software
  • USB-51 Programming Cable


  • Microsoft Windows 8/8.1, 10 (32 or 64 Bit),
    or Win 11
  • The RT Systems USB-51 cable .

FCC GMRS Licensing Information

More Information: .
Does not program with a standard USB-A to miniB cable.
The RRS-G1 software helps you program memory channels and menu settings for the G1 Adventure Series GMRS radio from Rugged Radios. With this software, you can customize the memory channels within the frequency range of the radio.  You can set the DCS codes that you need for your group.  You can set other options of the radio so it performs like you want. 

NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT!!!  This radio has the same adapter that connects from the back of the radio to the dash for connecting your headsets and for connecting the programming cable as that with the M1 radio. Be aware... the cable from this adapter to the computer for the G1 is NOT the same as the one the M1 used (although the connections are the same).  The electronics of the system are completely different.  A cable with its own electronics is required.  

Unfortunately too, it does not program through the mic jack as do some other GMRS models with this same mic jack connection. 

To be sure you get what you need and one that is guaranteed to work for this radio and on your computer (Win 8 - 11) we ship this kit with the RT Systems USB-51 cable.   

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