KG-UV9H 10W Dual-Band VHF/UHF Analog Radio with 999 Channels and 3200mAh High Capacity Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

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10 Watts

Color Display

Narrow/Wide Band

Cross-Band Repeat

999 Memory Channels

AM Aircraft VHF Receive

Superheterodyne Receiver

144-148 VHF / 430-450 MHz UHF (Standard)

136-174 VHF / 406.1-512 MHz UHF (Extended) *

3200mAh High Capacity Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery


Many customers have noticed that this new KG-UV9H 10 watt radio with an upgraded  superheterodyne receiver appears very similar to the older (and less powerful) 5 watt KG-UV9D+ radio.  It's true that the case and display are nearly identical, but the inside components of the two radios, the battery size, the newer receiver, and additional features of the two radios are indeed very different.
* If the customer requests it, we will include the MARS/CAP modification for this radio (when purchased from OffGridGear2Go) at no extra charge before shipping, allowing it to be used on the Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) or Civil Air Patrol (CAP) frequencies, which are located outside of the normal U.S. amateur radio bands. This free modification unlock offer does not include any MARS/CAP or frequency programming of the radio. 
Optional custom programming services are available starting at $25 per handheld radio (using one of our standard frequency templates) - custom additional channels added to any standard programming template programmed for only $1.00 per additional channel.

Custom Programming for your Analog Handheld Radio

Wouxun RPS-KGUV9D/H Programming Software Cable Kit

Wouxun 9H/8D/6D USB Charging Cable

Wouxun 12V Car Charger for Handheld Charger Bases

Wouxun KG-UV9D/9H Series Battery Eliminator for Wouxun Radios

Covert Acoustic Clear Tube Ear Microphone

Handheld/Shoulder Speaker Microphone

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